Art of Advising (AoA)

A partnership between The Office of Undergraduate Advising and LCICE. Sessions will take place every other Thursday, from 10:30am-Noon, beginning Oct. 22.

What is it?

  • A 14-week program for UW staff working directly with undergraduate students to gather and discuss advising, career services, and student development within the context of navigating institutional racism and systems of oppression.

What we will do? 

  • Through the lens of race, we will consider how our social identities, privilege, oppression, diversity, equity, justice and inclusion inform and impact our communication, behaviors, advising practice, and our relationships with colleagues and students. We will spend time looking at the US history of racism and its continued impact.

How will we work together?

  • Using the Racial Healing Handbookby Anneliese A. Singh as a guide, we will read, reflect, challenge, and engage ourselves and each other in caucus spaces across race and ethnicity. We will discuss strategies to support self-work, self-reflection and self-awareness to guide our independent learning, exchange resources that apply to working with students, and discuss how this applies to our work with students and colleagues.

What it will look like?

  • Using Zoom, we will begin most sessions together prior to using break out rooms to engage in deeper dialogue and share our stories freely in small caucus groups. During the weeks that we don’t meet, participants will unpack the reading in small pairs or triads. If you are interested in learning more about the use of caucusing in racial equity work, here is some additional information.