Co-Facilitator Learning Community

Established in 2011, the Co-Facilitator Learning Community (CFLC), provides an intentional professional development space for “training the trainers”.  LCICE has developed a unique “hybrid” Participant/Co-Facilitator Model where facilitators are also learners/participants rather than experts. It removes the hierarchy of the expert and fosters co-learning for all participants, including participant/co-facilitator.

CFLC members, who have already gone through at least one LCICE Learning Community previously as a participant, must commit to an intensive year-long engagement (three hours, bi-weekly during academic year, and weekly during summer).

CFLC outcome goals are:

  • To have a clearer understanding of the LCICE hybrid “participant/co-facilitator” model and frameworks and processes embedded within LCs;
  • To discover ones ‘covered spot’ in the JoHari Window through continued examining of ones filters, lenses and frames;
  • To develop an ability to, examine and own, how ones one’s advantaged and disadvantaged social identities impact others;
  • To have an awareness of, and, timely tracking of group dynamics and speaking up;
  • To strive to give and receive critical feedback, especially, when conflict is present;
  • To build relationships and build community with other participant /facilitators;