Health Equity & Social Justice (HESJ)

This elective course for students in the health professions is a partnership between LCICE and the School of Pharmacy. Based on the structure and pedagogy of the SEED course, HESJ creates dialogue-based spaces for students to explore how power dynamics operate within them (self-to-self), in their work with patients and in organizations (self-to-institution), and in larger structures in society (self-to-system) with race as the first Specially, students and facilitators explore and answer these questions through self-work, appreciative inquiry/story sharing, and collaborative learning/accountability:

  • What are my social identities? How am I positioned in systems of power, privilege, oppression, and dehumanization?
  • How do my social identities impact how I engage with, understand/believe, and advocate for my patients and/or clients?
  • How do I perpetuate and participate in systems of power, privilege, oppression, and dehumanization that impact the health of my patients/clients and our communities?
  • How do I shift my understanding, awareness, and behavior so that I can intervene effectively and appropriately for my patients/clients?
  • What do I commit to doing with this learning? How will I intervene?