Within-Unit Learning Communities

Within-Unit Learning Communities: For units or divisions wanting a learning community within their individual unit.


These LCs are both on-campus (academic departments and administrative divisions/units/services, etc.) and off-campus (public and private organizations as well a city, state, and national governmental departments) are encouraged to consult with LCICE staff to discuss your needs.

Outcome Goals

Outcome goals for this Learning Community are created in consultation with each individual unit.

How to apply/learn more         

Due to the specialized nature of these learning communities we urge units to follow up with us regarding any questions you might have.  Our offices are located in 181 Bascom Hall and you may reach us by phone at 608-890-1584.

What has the impact been?

The impact of participation in the Learning Communities is both emergent and ongoing. Stories of application reveal many practices that have been changed as a result of their LC experiences, including:

Students: change of major, new student organization development

Faculty: new research designs, classroom pedagogy

Administrators: program evaluation and assessment

Staff: launched internal learning communities for continued practice

Community Partners: program and professional development

How is the workplace climate impacted by examining power and privilege?

Exposure to life experiences different from one’s own increases appreciation and understanding for multiple truths and perspectives and the impact of hierarchy and privilege on life experiences. Participants bring back their new perspectives to create a more welcoming workplace climate across campus and beyond.