The Leadership Institute (LI)

Given the evolving understanding of how campus will gather this Fall, LCICE is currently assessing where and how we can have the most impact. At this moment, Leadership Institute for Fall 2020 is on hold until further notice.

We will post information here as soon as we know more.

The Leadership Institute: For Faculty, Staff, and Students and Community members.

The Leadership Institute (LI), launched in 1998, provides participants with a dialogue-based professional development opportunity. Participants engage in their own and other’s learning and unlearning process through readings, videos, podcasts, and personal stories throughout the academic year. In weekly meetings, participants co-create inclusive learning environments as they share experiences, confront assumptions, and deconstruct historically dominant social paradigms. In doing so, participants develop their personal leadership capacities to interact more effectively across multiple perspectives and social identities. Year-long exposure engenders relationship and trust building – a critical component to sustaining equitable, working, teaching, and learning environments for all. A commitment to diversity as a value embedded in the deepest fiber of the University requires it to be approached as a constant undertaking put into regular and repeated practice. 

photo of LI participants in conversation
LI Large Group session from 2017

As a participant in Leadership Institute, you will have an opportunity to explore:

  • your own social conditioning through dialogue in community
  • your personal story within the larger historical contexts and systems of oppression
  • tools and practices to build inclusive spaces, including:
    • ​value of dialogue – listening with intention to hear (vs. respond)
    • sharing personal stories; demonstrating vulnerabilty
    • engaging with conflict; giving and receiving feedback
    • heightened awareness of self and others within group dynamics


Affinity Group Meetings
You will be part of a group of approximately 10-12 participants, including group participant facilitators, who meet weekly for 2 hours on a Thursday, 10:30-12:30, in an affinity group based on race and ethnicity. The small group meeting location will be decided by the group.

Large Group Meetings
Periodically, all participants will gather as a large group for 3 hours. All large group meetings will be held on selected Thursdays from 10:30 – 1:30. During these large gatherings, we might hear a guest speaker, watch a video, or participate in an experiential activity.

LCICE sessions 2017

For some reflections of the impact of Leadership Institute by past participants, see select video and written testimonials.

For more information about the program please contact:
Learning Communities for Institutional Change and Excellence (LCICE)
183 Bascom Hall, 500 Lincoln Drive, Madison, WI 53706