Jay Botsford

Position title: Learning Communities Facilitator

Email: jay.botsford@wisc.edu

Jay Botsford (pronouns: ze/zir/zirs/zirself) has been advocating with LGBTQ+ communities in WI since 2002, providing equity & justice-focused training/consulting to service providers and institutions, supporting the leadership of students and youth to make change in their communities, and organizing for racial, gender, health, and disability justice. Ze has worked at UW-Madison since 2016 and joined the LCICE team in 2019. Before moving to Madison, Jay worked in the nonprofit world in many roles, including as a sexuality educator, youth program manager, health advocate, and social justice educator/consultant. Ze is passionate about community care/mutual aid, building accomplices (not just allies), and centering health, healing, and pleasure in justice work.